Unspeakable things about Mbaka that have remained a big shock

When I was a little boy, as a Catholic, I did not only love Fr. Mbaka, I revered him.
We heard and told all kinds of super stories about him just to ensure that we oppress members of other Churches and brag about the superiority of our dear Mbaka.
Many years later, in my association with different big self-acclaimed prophets, especially one that’s called Amb. Wisdom, a very close brother in ministry with Mbaka, I heard and saw a lot of unspeakable things about Mbaka that have remained a big shock to me.
Since then I have watched Mbaka publicly manifest the devils in him, shamelessly give favorable prophecies to those who are willing to buy them, and arrogantly display his insatiable greed and pronounce curses on principled personalities like Peter Obi who refused to buy or bow to the threats of his empty prophecies.
According to this priest, in his new trending video, it’s better to vote for an old man generous enough to throw to him a little of his loot than to vote for a financially prudent man like Peter Obi who he has adjudged to be very stingy because he has no loot to share.
This priest said that Obi blasphemed against his altar because Obi refused to bid for his empty prophecies and prayers but instead donated a hundred million nairas to a neighboring school of nursing to upgrade to a college.
What annoyed Mbaka the most is that the school was also run by another Catholic priest who he believes should be incapable of taking the shine from him.
In 2015, this Mbaka who has made himself a god amongst his deluded followers told Nigerians that Buhari was an “answered prayer” and a “prayer answered.” He went further to call Buhari a messiah, a God-sent.
Seven years later, the Messiah has only been able to bring hate, hunger, suffering, death, total collapse of our economy, wanton looting, endless shut down of schools and hospitals, mindless massacre, licensed lawlessness, and willfully enthroned the country as the headquarters of abject poverty in the world.
Was it God that lied or
was it Mbaka? I leave you to answer the question.
Do not also forget that after a few years of Buhari’s government, Mbaka had issues with them because they refused to give him contracts. APC bought his endorsement and prophecies on credit and refused to pay. A tale of two scammers.
They have tried to use tribal and religious sentiments against Peter, but Nigerian youths defied them.
They tried to use the “no structure” tantrum, we gave them an answer.
Now they have once again run to the house of Mbaka to buy empty prophecies and curses against him and even after scrutinizing my dear Peter, they found nothing to anchor their depression upon except that he’s too stingy.
In P.O’s voice “ there’s nothing to share again.” Whether they like it or not, we refuse to give shishi to some overfed political contractors adorned in a white cassock.
Kel Armstrong Amobi is a Nigerian Author, Blogger, programmer, and Deep Thinker.
Kel Armstrong Amobi
Kel Armstrong Amobi
Kel Armstrong Amobi is a Nigerian Author, Blogger, programmer, and Deep Thinker.

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