About Us

Wakadaily is an independent newspaper and magazine company based in Nigeria, proudly published by Naijatrafic Group Limited, a leading privately owned multinational conglomerate. Our mission is to elevate the quality of everyday news and information accessible to the public.
Wakadaily is a subsidiary of Naijatraffic Group Limited and was first published on the 14th of May 2022. We are dedicated to providing high-quality news and engaging content to keep our readers informed and connected.

Our Mission

We are committed to keeping our audience well-informed about a wide range of topics, including Breaking News, World Records, Magazines, History, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Finance, Investment, Lifestyle, Top Lists, Rankings, Reviews, Nigerian Daily News, and much more. 

More Than Media

At Wakadaily, we are more than just a Newspaper and Magazines Company. We are the Voice for the Voiceless, dedicated to amplifying important issues and advocating for those whose voices need to be heard.
Join us on our journey as we continue to provide timely, reliable, and engaging content to empower individuals to make informed decisions. At Wakadaily, we believe in the power of knowledge and the impact of storytelling, and we invite you to be part of our mission to keep the world informed and connected.

Executive Leadership Team


Founder and Group Chairman

Ikechukwu Emmanuel Mbadiwe, widely recognized as Iking Ferry, is the visionary Founder of Wakadaily and also the Chairman of Naijatraffic Group Limited, the parent company behind Wakadaily. With a passion for news, innovation, and community engagement, Iking Ferry has played a pivotal role in shaping Wakadaily into the dynamic platform it is today. His dedication to providing reliable information and fostering meaningful discussions continues to drive the Wakadaily community forward.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chinyere Treasure Mbadiwe, professionally known as Queen Ferry, is the dynamic Chief Executive Officer of Wakadaily. She also holds the esteemed position of Vice-Chairman at Naijatraffic Group Limited, the parent company of Wakadaily. With her leadership and vision, Queen Ferry is instrumental in guiding Wakadaily towards its mission of providing top-quality news and fostering vibrant community engagement.