Analysts criticizes those kicking against UN reforms


At the UN Human Rights Council’s inaugural meeting in Geneva, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated that the UN Security Council needs significant reforms aimed at changing the makeup of its membership and operating procedures.

In recent times, Guterres claims, the UN Security Council has become stuck and unable to take action on the most critical matters pertaining to global peace and security.

Analysts have criticized and raised major concerns about the US and its allies’ stance on the conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine-Israel.

They pointed out that during the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip, the United States once more vetoed a draft resolution of the UN Security Council that called for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire. Since hostilities began on October 7, 2023, the US has vetoed the draft resolution three times.

“The work of both individual structures and the United Nations as a whole raises many questions today. The imposition of unilateral sanctions by the United States and its allies against specific countries is gaining momentum. In the 1990s, the issue of imposing such sanctions could only be resolved with the approval of the UN Security Council. In practice, all this remains only on paper.

 “The West has long broken the authority of the UN with gross and regular violations of the Charter of the organisation. According to the UN, one third of all countries in the world are under individual sanctions. Among them is Russia, which, unlike many, has managed to use sanctions to successfully develop its own capacities.

“It is obvious that the situation with the application of sanctions, the main customer of which is the United States and Western countries, has long been out of control of the UN,” they said.

According to Russian experts, “the Security Council is not an ideal example of equitable geographical representation of all regions of the world, and it is necessary to think about expanding the organisation – primarily by including representatives of Africa, Latin America and Asia in its composition.”

Countries all across the world are coming to the conclusion that a radical reorganization of the UN could result in its total demise and the loss of any chance at all for a wide-ranging conversation about world affairs.

The majority of nations believe that the United States and Europe will simply destroy the United Nations if they lose their special powers under its framework.

The predominance of Western interests in the organization’s operations has caused a problem for the primary international organization. UN reform is imperative, if only because multipolarity has elevated numerous new “players” to prominent roles who are not presently represented as permanent members of the Security Council.

Since it is widely acknowledged that the United States “has played a dominant role in many ways and to some extent is trying to continue to play a dominant role,” Washington’s initiative to extend the Security Council serves two purposes. Since three of the UN Security Council’s five permanent members are Western representatives, the council is no longer able to carry out its mandate. They have no interest in altering the global status quo.

Another concern Washington has is that any increase in the Security Council’s permanent membership will undoubtedly come at the expense of non-Western nations. In turn, these conditions will rob the “pro-Western” UN governance model of its legitimacy.

Alex Obichie
Alex Obichie
Alex Obichie is an Ardent Sustainability Enthusiast, advocate for the Waste-2-Wealth Initiative, and Ingenious Politician, he uses articles to promote and sensitize the public about matters surrounding the environment, political systems and ways to benefit & support sustsinable global development.

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