Bamiloye advises women on building family life


On Thursday, the Gospel Faith Mission International kicked off a three-day conference for women leaders.

The GOFAMINT Headquarters in Alapako, Ogun State, is the venue for the Ministers Wives and Women Leaders conference.

The seminar, titled “The Victorious Christian Women,” is scheduled for March 14–16.

Gloria Bamiloye, the featured speaker at Thursday’s opening session, reiterated to the attendees the importance of submission and that women were not intended to compete with males.

During her talk, Bamiloye exhorted the women to not underestimate their God-given ability to accomplish great things, but she also emphasized that this ability must first materialize in their homes, where they were meant to be caregivers.

She said, “Women are not ordinary creatures from God. When God created women, He created them with a mandate to go and do exploits and prosper.

“You can not be born again and not be submissive. Submission is your divine assignment from God. No matter how strong a man is in the ministry, a woman is to help. The first ministry from God to a woman is your home, your husband, and your children.”

According to Bamiloye, the strength of women would materialize if they focused on developing their inner selves.

“Women aare not ordinary, we are special creation from God, when God created women, he loaded you with a lot of blessings and you must go out and prosper with the mandate,” she said.

Alex Obichie
Alex Obichie
Alex Obichie is an Ardent Sustainability Enthusiast, advocate for the Waste-2-Wealth Initiative, and Ingenious Politician, he uses articles to promote and sensitize the public about matters surrounding the environment, political systems and ways to benefit & support sustsinable global development.

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