Fertility Specialists Are Advising Couples To Not Wait Any Longer And To Consider Exploring IVF


Fertility experts have indicated that certain couples facing challenges with infertility will likely require assisted reproductive technology, such as In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), in order to conceive children successfully.

These specialists emphasize the importance of couples understanding when IVF becomes a suitable option for addressing infertility, so as to not delay treatment unnecessarily.

They define infertility as a medical condition affecting either the male or female reproductive system, characterized by the inability to achieve pregnancy after twelve months or more of regular unprotected sexual activity.

Infertility is recognized as a significant global health concern impacting millions of individuals worldwide who are of reproductive age.

A recent report from the World Health Organisation highlights the widespread prevalence of infertility, noting that approximately 17.5% of the adult population, or about one in six individuals globally, experience challenges with fertility.

This underscores the crucial need to enhance accessibility to affordable, high-quality fertility services for those in need.

During the inaugural Fertility Awareness Programme and Free IVF treatment initiative hosted by the non-governmental organization Meet Surrogate Mothers Agency in Lagos, fertility experts observed that financial constraints often hinder individuals dealing with fertility issues from accessing necessary treatments in Nigeria.

As part of the event, fifteen women facing infertility were selected to receive complimentary IVF treatment cycles, courtesy of the NGO.

These deserving recipients were presented with certificates, underscoring the importance of expanding support and resources for individuals grappling with infertility.

Speaking on the topic, “Exploring alternative options to infertility”, an IVF specialist, Dr. Ugwueke Thaddeus, listed the category of fertility-challenged couples that require IVF treatment to defeat infertility.

Thaddeus, who is the Medical Director, Emobile Specialist Hospital, Lagos, said “Couples with male partners who have poor sperm quality and azoospermia need IVF, and couples with long duration of infertility.

“Also, female partners with uterine abnormalities and absence of uterus as well as female partners with ovarian abnormality and endometriosis.”

Additionally, this includes couples who have undergone permanent contraception procedures like vasectomy and tubal ligation, as well as women who are of advanced age.

Thaddeus also pointed out that women with tubal abnormalities may face challenges in conceiving naturally and may need to consider IVF treatment to achieve pregnancy.

He recommended that couples dealing with infertility should not be concerned about societal stigma and should instead seek assistance from fertility specialists for a proper medical examination to determine the underlying cause.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), male infertility is most commonly caused by issues with semen ejaculation, low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology, and impaired sperm motility.

In the female reproductive system, infertility can stem from various abnormalities in the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, and the endocrine system, among other factors.

During her speech, Olaronke Thaddeus, the founder of Meet Surrogate Mothers Agency, mentioned that the organization was established with the aim of bringing happiness to couples struggling with infertility.

The fertility counsellor said, “Meet Surrogate Mothers Agency was given birth in May 2014, an idea I conceived in my sitting room because I wanted to make a difference in womanhood.

“Our early patients were also attended to in my sitting room. However, the vision and the passion have always been to wipe away the tears of fellow women and so far we have recorded huge success over the years.

“Meet surrogate mothers has always been a mother in all ramifications. We are starting a new chapter today with yearly free IVF through Olaronke Thaddeus Foundation and with the hope that every year, more women who desire to have their babies through IVF but cannot afford it can be hopeful.”

Thaddeus stated the organisation was expanding its yearly free IVF treatment to enable more women having financial challenges to access treatment.

“As we desire to expand our charity arm and stretch it far and beyond, we have to establish our foundation so we can beckon all and sundry to give financially to make these dreams a reality.

“Although our charity arms have always been silent over the years, for instance, we give few free IVF to a few women on our page yearly.

“We also pay school fees for various school students and put widows on our payroll.  All these have been sponsored from the purse of meets surrogate mothers over the years”, she highlighted.

Fifteen women who struggled with fertility issues and were selected to receive free IVF treatment expressed their gratitude to the founder of the organization, thanking her for her kindness and generosity.


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