Introducing Kayhandsome: A Melodic Journey Through Hip Hop and R&B


Kolawole, known by his artistic moniker “Kayhandsome,” is a rising star in the world of hip hop and R&B. Born on February 7th, he emerged as the eldest sibling in a family of four, hailing from the picturesque town of Owo in Ondo State, Nigeria. His musical odyssey commenced in the sanctuary of the church, where his talents were nurtured, eventually blossoming into a full-fledged music career that officially took off in 2015.

Raised in a musically inclined environment, Kayhandsome’s journey from church performances to professional stages has been nothing short of inspiring. His early musical inclinations propelled him to experiment with various genres, eventually finding his niche in the harmonious blend of hip hop and R&B. His soulful voice and rhythmic prowess have earned him a special place in the hearts of listeners.

Kayhandsome’s academic endeavors mirrored his commitment to both education and music. He pursued a degree in Computer Science at Ibadan City Polytechnic, a private institution in Ibadan. Graduating in 2020, he was met with numerous job offers, a testament to his dedication and hard work. Opting for an unconventional route, he applied for exemption from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and obtained his certificate, paving the way for his unwavering focus on his musical aspirations.

The discography of Kayhandsome is a testament to his evolution as an artist. He is known to have good heart, giving a helping hand to people that are in need, and God almighty keeps elevating him.His musical repertoire includes a collection of hit singles that resonate with diverse audiences. “Hello Bae,” his debut single produced by Voltron, marked the inception of his musical journey, captivating listeners with its infectious melody and relatable lyrics. Subsequent releases like “Akorede,” “Jekammo,” “Jaye,” and “Suffer” further solidified his place in the industry.

Kayhandsome’s musical narrative delves into emotions, experiences, and life’s intricacies. Songs like “DAVIDO,” “Amaka,” “Payday,” “Oropo,” and “Far Away” showcase his versatility as an artist who effortlessly navigates between heartfelt ballads and catchy anthems. His dedication to crafting authentic music is palpable, evident in tracks like “Connect,” “Shakara,” “Go Downlow,” “Yahoo,” “Sisi,” and “Bolanle.”

Continuing to push the boundaries of his creativity, Kayhandsome’s latest release “OBRIGADO,” produced by the talented Paul Cleverlee, has been met with resounding applause. His collaboration with Portable on the “OBRIGADO” remix adds a fresh perspective to an already captivating track. As his musical journey unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming releases, poised to be yet another testament to his evolving artistry.

For those eager to stay connected and follow the musical journey of Kayhandsome, his email ( is open for inquiries, collaborations, and more. His social media presence is vibrant, with updates and snippets on his Instagram (@Kayhandsome3), TikTok (@kayhandsome5), and Twitter (@Kayhandsome5) accounts.

Kolawole, aka Kayhandsome, has proven to be more than just a musician; he is a storyteller, an innovator, and a reflection of the dynamic Nigerian music scene. His melodic journey through hip hop and R&B is a testament to his dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to his craft. As his musical chapters continue to unfold, the world eagerly awaits the next harmonious verse in the book of Kayhandsome.

Iking Ferry
Iking Ferry
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