Sex-enhancing drugs laced with cannabis, dangerous chemicals – NAFDAC


The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control NAFDAC, on Friday, said some herbal sex-enhancing drugs are laced with cannabis and other dangerous chemicals.

Director General of NAFDAC, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, who addressed a press conference to this effect, said recently the agency has received series of report on the use of an herbal preparation popularly known as ‘Kurkura’ particularly in the South West and Northern axis of the country.

“The organisation had begun a nationwide crackdown on all illegal manufacturers and distributors of the herbal preparations to bring perpetrators to book and minimise the usage of the substance in the country.

“Findings from various operations carried out revealed a dangerous trend in the use of such substances laced with high concentration of tobacco and sometimes cannabis by our populace cutting across all genders and age groups particularly Artisans, Drivers, okada riders etc”, she said.

Adeyeye said, ”The ‘Kurkura’ herbal preparations discovered in circulations included: Five Minutes Power Herbs Medicine; Haonu Laha Herbal Mixture; Gamzaki Tradomedical Herbal Ventures; Barakallahu Multipurpose Herbal Mixture and Sabon Karfi Herbal Mixture.

“Among the above, only Haonu Laha Herbal Mixture is registered, nonetheless laced with unapproved substances that are injurious to the body, she said.

“The substance when abused, can be harmful to the body organs such as the brain, kidney and liver. The damage to the kidney and liver cannot be overemphasized. This substance can cause irrational thinking, altered state of mind, which if taken by a driver can lead to road traffic accidents with the attendant fatality consequences, or can lead to criminal behaviours such as rape, kidnapping and murder.

“I want to assure Nigerians that NAFDAC is doing everything to ensure that only safe medicine and wholesome food of the right quality are sold to our citizenry.

Adeyeye said NAFDAC has been able to shut down the company and will continue with the raids.”

Queen Ferry
Queen Ferry
Chinyere Treasure Ikechukwu also known as Queen Ferry, is a Nigerian business Executive, social media savvy Journalist and Content Editor with over seven years experience. She serves as the Vice-Chairman of Naijatraffic Limited. If Treasure is not researching/blogging, she will be making delicious delicacy.

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