7 Remedies For Morning Sickness During Pregnancy


While pregnancy is a thrilling experience, morning sickness can be a frustrating and unwanted companion that dampens your joy and enthusiasm.

If you’re struggling with nausea and seeking comfort, we’ve got you supported with some simple, reliable, and tested solutions to help alleviate your discomfort.

Let’s start with the basics: pregnancy nausea, also known as morning sickness, typically begins around week 6 and lasts until week 12. While it’s called morning sickness, some people experience it throughout the day.

Here are some straightforward remedies to cope with nausea during pregnancy:

1. Hydration is essential to combat nausea; be sure to drink water consistently throughout the day to prevent dehydration from making the nausea worse.

2. To avoid nausea triggered by an empty stomach, opt for small, frequent meals to regulate blood sugar levels; consuming food every few hours can help in managing nausea effectively.

3. Steer clear of foods that can aggravate nausea such as greasy, spicy, or overly sweet options; instead, opt for plain, easily digestible choices like crackers, toast, or bananas.

4. Ginger is known for its anti-nausea properties; incorporating ginger into your diet through ginger tea, ginger ale, or ginger candies can help alleviate feelings of nausea.

5. Vitamin B6 has shown promise in reducing nausea, particularly in pregnant women; consider including B6-rich foods like bananas, nuts, and fortified cereals in your diet, but always consult a healthcare professional before adding new supplements.

6. Managing stress is crucial in alleviating nausea; prioritize rest and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or activities like prenatal yoga to help reduce stress levels.

7. Aromatherapy can provide relief for some individuals experiencing nausea; scents like lemon or peppermint have been found to be particularly helpful, so consider carrying a small vial of essential oil with you to inhale when nausea sets in.

When to seek assistance
If severe nausea persists despite trying various remedies, it’s advisable to see your healthcare provider. Hyperemesis gravidarum, severe morning sickness, can result in dehydration and weight loss, necessitating medical intervention.

Dealing with pregnancy nausea can be challenging, but making lifestyle adjustments can offer relief. Keep in mind that each pregnancy is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. Listen to your body and seek assistance if necessary.

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey, so don’t let morning sickness dampen your spirits. Follow these suggestions, maintain a positive outlook, and anticipate the amazing adventure that lies ahead!



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