Coalition Urges Immediate Action To Tackle The Crisis Of Out-Of-School Children


A collective of activists and proponents operating under the banner of Treasured Points of Light Foundation has issued a call to government authorities at every level to intensify their endeavors in tackling the escalating issue of out-of-school children in Nigeria.

With a staggering count of over 20 million children currently lacking access to education, the group emphasized the critical need to tackle this urgent concern to safeguard the prospects of forthcoming generations.

Recent statistics from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, in collaboration with the Global Education and Monitoring Report, have identified Nigeria’s out-of-school children figure at 20.2 million.

As reported by the United Nations Children’s Fund, one out of every three children in Nigeria is not enrolled in school, comprising 10.2 million at the primary level and 8.1 million at the junior secondary school level.

UNICEF highlighted that one out of every five globally out-of-school children resides in Nigeria.

The coalition pressed for sustainable financial backing for the education sector to reintegrate the over 20 million children back into the educational system.

During an outreach initiative organized in collaboration with Rite Foods Limited for 350 children residing in slums in Abeokuta, the state capital, to commemorate the 2024 International Children’s Day, the Team Lead of the foundation, Damilola Onebamhoin, underscored that countless potentials within many of these affected children remain untapped, potentially benefiting the nation if nurtured through education.

Onebamhoin voiced concerns about the impact of rising inflation, pushing many children into menial employment roles and fueling a surge in the number of children left outside the educational realm.

She emphasized that with proper care and support, even children from underprivileged backgrounds can secure a brighter future through appropriate policies and interventions.

The Team Lead stated, “The government should empower the parents of these children for them to be financially capable of sending their children to school. Government should also work on the economy, with a sustainable economy, every parent will have enough money to send their children to school.”

In his statement, Innocent Adulugba, the Corporate Communications Manager at Rite Foods Ltd, emphasized that the company’s priority is to act responsibly and make a positive impact.

He explained that supporting initiatives like Children’s Day aligns with this goal, as it fosters global unity and awareness among children. Therefore, partnering with Treasured Points of Light Foundation to promote this worthy cause is a natural fit.

Adulugba  mentioned, “It borders on the purpose of sustainability because children are projects for the long term. Today, tomorrow and in the future, children will complete their growth cycle into adulthood. Society must support children to grow with the right mentality and care within a suitable environment.

“Rite Foods Ltd. is relentless in improving children’s welfare and helping society to appreciate children as the future pillars of our country, and the world at large.”


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