DR of Congo is the world’s richest country  


Democratic Republic of Congo is the world’s richest country with regards to mineral resources, it has an estimated $23 Trillion worth of mineral deposit still untapped. If properly utilized, DR Congo will be both the largest net-exporter of natural resources and net-producer of finished goods in the world.

  • Congo DR is the world’s largest producer of cobalt, it accounts for nearly 60% of the world’s cobalt production. Unfortunately, it’s exported to make engines for cars, planes, ceramic and batteries for electrical appliances.
  • DR Congo is accounts for 80% of the world’s Coltan production, this is used to produce phones, laptops and accessories for top companies at the expense of child labour.
  •  DR Congo has a large uranium deposit. Infact, the atomic bombs for the World War 2 had her mineral resources sought from Congo DR and it produced 80% of America’s nuclear weapon.
  •  DR Congo has the world’s second largest diamond reserves, and is the third diamond producing country after Russia and Botswana.
  • DR Congo is one of the world’s largest gold producer, it accounts for majority of the gold smuggled out of Africa through Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda to Dubai. Its artisanal gold is one of the most sought after gold.
  • DR Congo is so rich that so many sources claim that one can dig out minerals with his bare hands.
  •  DR Congo is ranked the 80th largest oil producer producing over 4.1% of it’s oil reserve per annum.
  • The Congo rainforest is home to 600 tree species and 10,000 animal species. Some of its most famous residents include forest elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, okapi, leopards, hippos, and lions.
  •  DR Congo is a top wood exporting country, also the Congo basin is home to the largest mineral deposit in the world having wood, oil, diamonds, gold and coltan.
  • Congo DR is a net exporter of entertainment with music being one of it’s largest export mostly in the 90s.
  • Congo DR can produce 40GW of power, the most in the world.

Source: African Report Files

Queen Ferry
Queen Ferry
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