Jagaban: The master strategist


Jagaban: “The Master Strategist”

What most African politicians have mastered and perfected is the art of winning elections fraudulently.

They are so good at this to the extent that they can confidently tell you what the outcome of any election will be. They are professors in this art.

They know exactly how to paint and sell their image.
They know exactly how to bastardize the image of their opponents.
They know exactly how to turn the crowd to do their bidding.

Think about this. . .

Buhari gave up contesting an election in Nigeria, then one of the top master strategists saw him, picked him up, dusted him, packaged him, and sold him as a man of integrity while bastardizing the image of Goodluck Jonathan. Unfortunately, the majority of us bought it, including religious leaders. Buhari won.

This same fuel subsidy they are forming Jagaban on top, was exactly what they used to nail Jonathan. To tell you how much they controlled everyone, it is the same subsidy that they made every Nigerian protest against during their opponent’s regime, that they implemented as their very first action after they have been sworn in.

Think about it.

How did they make you hate subsidy in 2012 only to make you love it in 2023, even when the plans in 2012 were far better than 2023?

Imagine how Tinubu, even with the failure of Buhari, still managed to bring forth himself as a presidential candidate, despite all the odds against him. He still dusted himself and painted himself as the economic guru, a savour, and the one who built Lagos. Still again, many people fell for it. His political rallies were filled with thousands of people cheering him on.

Yet, his

Identity? Unknown
Primary school? Unknown
Secondary school? Unknown
Classmates? Unknown
Parents? Unknown
Age? Unknown

Even more, he strategically brought forth a Muslim vice, in a country like Nigeria with about 50% Christians… And not just any Muslim vice, someone like Shettima, the Borno guy who has been linked to Bokoham in many of his dealings, yet, he sold him well. Even packaged fake Bishops and pastors at his unveiling. And to our shock, many Christians who have suffered Bokoharam bombings and whose tenet of belief is against lies and deceit, still cheer him on.

How did they manage to make you see Muslim-Muslim ticket as normal?

How did they win the heart of their supporters without attending any single debate or even honouring any single interview from our local media?

How did they manipulate the election and still got away with it in this age of the internet and social media?

So you see, when it comes to winning elections and even controlling your opinion about them, and making you think their fraud will favour you, they know how to do it perfectly.

But when it comes to proper leadership, they are zero. They know nothing. Absolutely nothing. . .They lack empathy. They lack a true leadership strategy. They can’t do good, because they are only used to evil. What Tinubu is doing in the office today is tumbo tumbo (try and error). No single laid-out plan. You know he does not have any strategy for running the economy, but you don’t want to accept it. And to be fair, because of the anyhow-ness that we are as a nation, we deserve him.

Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr Kelvin Ugwu MSP is an influential Nigerian Catholic priest on a mission in The Gambia.

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