‘The wicked runneth when no one pursues them’ – Very Dark Man speak’s to Daddy Freeze


Very Dark Man made a post, specifically dedicated to Daddy Freeze, where he had a significant amount of information to reveal.

In the video, Very Dark Man questioned Daddy Freeze’s choice to create ten videos in response to only one video, where he addressed a specific case.

This case involved a woman seeking assistance from Daddy Freeze after she and others were deceived and lost £125,000. They had paid this amount in order to obtain CSO’s in the U.K.

Very Dark Man responded to a statement made by Daddy Freeze, in which Daddy Freeze claimed that people were comparing them and saying that Very Dark Man is superior. Very Dark Man sarcastically stated that he is not engaging in a competition of who is better because Daddy Freeze is actually better than him.

Additionally, Very Dark Man addressed Daddy Freeze’s comment about him hearing a story from a woman who lost money and choosing to believe and spread it without verifying its truth. Very Dark Man asserted that Daddy Freeze is aware that the woman’s story is indeed true.

Very Dark Man also claimed that Daddy Freeze had spoken negatively about him to the distressed woman regarding money. He believed this because people who had spoken to Daddy Freeze in the past about Very Dark Man had come back to inform him of what was said. According to Very Dark Man, Daddy Freeze had advised others to tell him to stop talking about him.

In the video, Very Dark Man addressed Daddy Freeze’s earlier statement about collecting money from people before helping them. Daddy Freeze’s message implied that just because Very Dark Man doesn’t collect money, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is effective in assisting others. Very Dark Man clarified that he had no problem with Daddy Freeze collecting money from people and believed that everyone should do what works best for them.

The video concluded when Very Dark Man openly expressed his dislike for Daddy Freeze. He recounted an incident that caused him to develop this dislike. The incident involved a woman who was arrested for defaming a skincare brand. After her arrest, she sought help from Very Dark Man, but while he was attempting to assist her, they both faced a lawsuit of five hundred million Naira. The woman became panicked, but Very Dark Man reassured her.

Ultimately, the woman turned to Daddy Freeze for assistance. According to Very Dark Man, Daddy Freeze helped the woman manipulate her story, resulting in her throwing Very Dark Man under the bus. She issued an apology, claiming that she never asked Very Dark Man to fight for her and that he acted independently.

Very Dark Man used this incident to portray Daddy Freeze as a deceitful individual who causes problems and distances himself when trouble arises. He concluded by stating that he does not engage in social media battles for popularity and that his purpose is solely to help people, regardless of whether he is liked or disliked.


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