‘Why marriage isn’t for me’ – Terry G


Nigerian rapper and singer Gabriel Othe Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G, has announced that he is not interested in getting married.

During an interview with media personality Nedu on his podcast, The Honest Bunch, the singer explained why he doesn’t think marriage is suitable for him. He expressed that being married would limit his interactions with female friends, which he considers essential for his music.

He believes that women are the essence and inspiration behind his music, and without them, his life and career would become dull and uninteresting.

To reinforce his argument, he mentioned how in Nigeria, when someone gets married, they are often referred to as being “out of the market,” which essentially means they are no longer available. He reiterated that in Nigeria, being married puts a person outside of the norm.

“Marriage isn’t for people like us. It would restrict me from my female fans. Females are the Bees of the music, they are the juice so if you remove them, you’re bored and are living a boring life.

Let me tell you as a man of God, if you’re married, you’re out of the box. In Nigeria, if you’re married, they say you are out of the commot for market. Automatically, you’re second hand”.

“I don’t think marriage is for people like us”

In other parts of the interview, Terry G acknowledged his participation in relationships outside of his marriage. He admitted that even though he has a child with someone he cares for deeply and treats with the same respect as his wife, he still engages in infidelity. Furthermore, he made a sweeping statement, suggesting that all men are unfaithful.

During a previous interview, Terry G revealed some unexpected information regarding the genre of songs he performs and the meaning they carry.

He fearlessly stated that he identifies as a non-religious artist and that his songs are dedicated to the devil. Furthermore, he provided explanations for his controversial statements.

He mentioned that if Afrobeat artists sing secular songs that do not glorify God, it implies that they are glorifying the devil.

Terry G had previously criticized his fellow artists for ignoring him, expressing his disappointment in their lack of response when he reached out to them during difficult times.

He raised concerns about the fairness of their treatment towards him, reminding them of a time when they sought his help and he was there for them. Terry G also wondered if they would only remember him and show appreciation after his passing.


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