Grow up, act your age and not your shoe size and get a life


When grown men in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s & 70’s take pictures in strange garb in an attempt to mock Senator Kashim Shettima, our incoming VP, they do nothing but expose themselves for the infantile, asinine & jobless clowns & godless & disrespectful Phillistines & infidels that they are.

Nothing reflects the obsessive and narcissistic disposition, sociopathic tendencies, intellectual degeneration and moral turpitude of some of those in our midst than this imbecilic idiocy and repugnant behaviour.

They behave more like bling-wearing ghetto gangbangers and hoodlum slum Kings than supposedly enlightened, educated, exemplary and civilised adults.

They belong in a zoo or better still a jungle filled with wild animals. That is their natural habitat.

They are nothing but toxic and ravenous beasts and spiritual vampires who seek to feed off the misfortune of others and sap their energy and who live to attempt to ridicule, humiliate and falsely accuse good men in a futile attempt to pull them down.

They seek to mock Shettima but they have only succeeded in exalting him, lifting him up and mocking themselves.

Whilst he is displaying his natural and sheer brilliance with his informed commentary and powerful speeches, which were so well displayed at the NBA conference where he stole the show, and whilst he is on the road towards becoming VP, the miscreants are taking selfies of themselves in strange garb in an attempt to undermine and belittle him.

Yet whether they continue to do so or not makes no difference to him or to those of us that stand with him and BAT in this great quest and mighty battle.

Whether they like it or not he is on the move and regardless of their antics he is marching on whilst they will, more likely than not, continue to take childish little selfies and post them on social media for the rest of their sorry lives in an attempt to find relevance and seek validation from a faceless mob and their equally lost and deluded cheerleaders, friends and colleagues.

That is all they have to offer or show for their miserable and frustrated lives and and sorry existence.


We have far more important issues to discuss and focus on in this country and far bigger problems to solve than someone else’s attire and the type of shoes, ties and suits that he chooses to wear.

Femi Fani-Kayode
Femi Fani-Kayode
Former Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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