Malawi Vs Nigeria

I see some of you trying to compare Nigeria with Malawi.
sincerely, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. There is no basis for comparison. Well, except that Malawi is really peaceful and safe, unlike Nigeria.
The fact that people can even try to compare the two is a sign that Nigeria has really sunk to a pitiable state.
Malawi’s surface area is 118,480 km2, and Nigeria’s is 923,770 km2. This means Malawi can go into Nigeria 9 times.
Unlike Nigeria, Malawi is a landlocked country bordered by countries like Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia.
The population of Malawi is 19 Million. That is roughly the population of Lagos alone.
The country depends on agriculture and foreign aid. The major export is tobacco. 85% of Malawians live in rural areas and are subsistent farmers.
In 2021, Malawi’s GDP per Capital rating was $397 making her the third poorest country in the world, a position she has been sharing and competing with South Sudan and Burundi.
But as I said, this place is safe and peaceful. The people are welcoming. This is why they are known as the warm heart of Africa.
Malawi has one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa, with game reserves and wonderful landscapes, added to that, the weather between June to august is as though you are in Europe. Very cold Sometimes it goes as low as 10°C. The people are generally hard-working. They speak the Chichewa language in most parts.
Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr Kelvin Ugwu MSP is an influential Nigerian Catholic priest on a mission in The Gambia.

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