Peter Obi Campaign DG. Okupe is temporary holding the place

One of the biggest problems most Nigerians have is their inability to patiently listen, read and understand before jumping on the mic to air an opinion.
According to INEC directives, a presidential candidate of a political party must submit the name of a running mate before June 18 or be disqualified, and the candidate has until August to substitute his running mate.
This simply means that if I am a presidential candidate and I’m not able to find a running mate before the 18th of June, I can submit the name of a trusted person to INEC as my running mate to beat the deadline and then change the person later when I have found a befitting running mate.
This was what Peter Obi did with Okupe, his campaign DG. Okupe is simply holding the place for the one that’s to come.
Tinubu also submitted a surrogate name to INEC pending when he decides on the best running mate as he has been confused about either running on a Muslim-Muslim ticket or a Southern Muslim minority and Northern Christian minority ticket.
Interestingly, it seems Kwankwaso who the Labour Party has been wooing failed to submit the name of a running mate before the deadline.
If it’s truly so, then that means he will no longer contest for the office of the president and would be considering to accept becoming the authentic running mate of Peter Obi, God-willing.
This is politics and Peter Obi’s effort to build a formidable third force should be highly commended. Go and get your PVC and don’t be distracted by mischief-makers.
Kel Armstrong Amobi
Kel Armstrong Amobi
Kel Armstrong Amobi is a Nigerian Author, Blogger, programmer, and Deep Thinker.

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