Why the World keeps developing

When something has lasted for a very long time it becomes extremely difficult to get people to see that it can be changed for something better.
So many years ago, in my community, the philosophy amongst the boys was to run to Lagos or other cities and hawk gala, water, etc. after passing through the community primary school.
They do this for some years and manage to buy a motorcycle with their savings, marry and settle down in the village and the case’s closed.
These trends became a tradition endorsed by parents who in their benighted mindsets know so little about the outside world.
When it got to my turn, I rebelled against the norms. I had so many ambitions and crazy imaginations in my head and I loved forging an unconventional path.
I was labeled lazy, arrogant, and ‘over sabi’ failure who thinks too much of himself, but that was not the case.
Change is always very scary except for the few who are crazy enough to open up to new possibilities.
For example, no normal person will think or try to invent something that can stop cars from using wheels and tires.
Everyone is simply used to using wheels and tires that a change would be termed ‘crazy’ but there are always crazy people imagining and doing crazy things.
And these crazy people are the reason why the world keeps developing and the potency of the word ‘impossibility’ keeps diminishing.
They say you can’t do it because you have not been able to do it not because it’s impossible to do.
Dare to imagine the possibilities of seemingly impossible things.
Dare to be crazy, rebellious, creative, and willing to accept constant change.
Kel Armstrong Amobi
Kel Armstrong Amobi
Kel Armstrong Amobi is a Nigerian Author, Blogger, programmer, and Deep Thinker.

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