Aguba, Israeli Virgin, OPM Generosity, and the Rest of Us


So a veteran Nollywood actor called Aguba became “homeless” and was found on the street.

And like the biblical story of the man attacked on his way to Jericho and left helpless,

Some friends saw him and looked away,

Some saw him and took pictures to share on social media,

Then a church saw the viral picture and decided to help.

Like the good Samaritan, they took the veteran actor to a house,

They gave him food and change his clothes and shoes.

Then, they thought of another thing as a way of helping him, And of all the things they could think of, it is the need to give him a wife.


And like the Greek philosopher Archimedes, who jumped out of the bathtub naked shouting EUREKA when he discovered the principle of buoyancy,

This church jumped out “all naked” in their Eureka moment to publish their findings.

They published on social media that there is a vacancy, and the vacancy is that a wife is needed.

The woman is to apply within if she meets so and so qualifications.

And as expected, boom, there were applications.

Images of girls showing their front and showing their back started appearing on our timelines .

Even those praying on the mountain were not left out. . .

There were even those fighting and campaigning for the post of Aguba’s wife.

And then Aguba, the main man, he looked at them all… even the Widow offered him for free, even the promises that a bride price will be paid for him, even the idea of the wedding being big. . .

My guy looked at them all, and with his full small chest said he wants a virgin from Israel.

And for the first time, the church had to pause and ask what really does Aguba need?

I know some of you don’t like asking questions and hate it when things on religion are interrogated. . .

Well, not me. Not this page.

See, the problem is not about the generosity of the church, The problem is offering the wrong help.

This post is not for Aguba or the church, rather it is for us to draw some lessons.

We all must have the discernment to know the sort of help to give anyone who is in need.

The wrong help is the worst form of help. Sometimes we project our definition of the good life and what we consider to be the definition of success to others.

We often make the mistake of thinking people’s needs are cars, houses, or even wives/husbands.

Ministers make this mistake a lot… You look at a single woman, and all you could think of as her problem is marriage. Sometimes, it could be true, but you need discernment to know that and you must do it without projecting your own bias.

Some of you look at a sick person, and the only thing you could think of is for them to see your G.O Papa, or to drink Goya oil, or buy a bracelet charm from your Ogbanje leader.

You don’t destroy people in the name of helping them. You don’t give a sick person duplex when he or she should go to the hospital.

Parents make this mistake too.

They think taking their kids to Dubai, not allowing them to do any chores, or buying ice cream every single time they cry is the definition of loving your child.

Knowing the appropriate help that is best for a person in need as at when he or she needs it is the first stage of actually helping.

Learn this and do better!

Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr Kelvin Ugwu MSP is an influential Nigerian Catholic priest on a mission in The Gambia.

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