Bad Government is the Courses of All Prophecies in Africa – Fr Kelvin


Nigerian-Malawi Based Catholic Priest, Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu has called on Nigerians to Ignore the Comment of Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Against Peter Obi, the Labour Party 2023 Presidential Candidate.

In a Facebook Post, FR. Kelvin also Stated that the bad leadership of the Nigerians and African Leaders are the major Courses of all False prophecies in Africa.

Remove emotions from this post, and Remove sentiments too. Let us be brutally honest with ourselves, Why do Most Nigerians and Africans go to Adoration or Night Vigil or crusades??”

“1. To pray for admission into schools.

Me: Whose duty it is to give admission to those willing to study?

Answer: Government.

2. To pray for Visa to travel to UK and US.

Me: Who are those responsible for the deteriorating and insecure state of the country that will make people want to leave?

Answer: Government.

3. To get healed over one sickness or the other?

Me: Whose duty it is to provide quality and affordable health care?

Answer: Government.

4. To get jobs.

Me: Whose duty it is to provide jobs for her citizens?

Answer: Government.

5. To get married.

Me: Most people cannot think of marriage when they can’t even feed themselves or are yet to graduate from school. who is the cause?

Answer: Government.

6. To pray for their businesses to flourish.

Me: who are those not creating the enabling environment for businesses to flourish?

Answer: Government.

We can go on and on. . .”

“Agreed, there are areas where we can blame other factors, but the overall cause comes down to the bad government.”

“The day the government will take up their responsibility and do their job very well, That is when we will begin to see true worshippers, and some of these prophetic declarations you all shout Amen to will begin to sound stupid.”

“In other not to be accused of generalizing, let me say “almost” all prophecies in Africa are possible because the Government is not doing its work.”

“Ask your friends who have traveled to the US or UK if they still do night vigils and go to prophets for job prophecies as they used to do back home?”

“There is a reason why I kept talking about getting your PVC and making sure you vote in this coming election, there is a reason why I will not mind traveling from Malawi to Nigeria just to vote, it is because, once we get leadership right, a lot of things will naturally fall in place. And for the first time in many years, we are going to get it right. I am very optimistic about this. So, please let’s leave Fada this or Fada that argument. Let us focus! We gat work to do.”

“Don’t forget, #NoShishi”  He Said

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