Deborah Samuel is yet to get justice, despite killers showing face in video 


It is now over four months since Ms Deborah was brutally murdered in Shehu Shagari College of Education Sokoto, Nigeria.

Despite the fact that the murderers made a video of the killing showing their own faces, nobody has been arrested and charged with murder.

Those arrested where those charged with what they tagged as “public disturbance”. Just two persons. They even had 34 lawyers to defend them.

Rumor has it that one of the presidential candidates contesting for 2023 General elections was the one that sponsored the lawyers. But since it is a rumor, let us disregard it and talk about the big issue.

The big issue is that the college of education where she was murdered and her body burnt, has since reopened.

It was Aminu Tambuwal, the Sokoto State Governor who set up a 12 member committee to investigate the killing of Ms Deborah. The same governor received the report which is not made public. The same governor concluded that the school should be reopened despite the fact that no one has been charged with the crime. And to make it more interesting, all the students resuming were made to pay a thousand naira. My guess is that the money is for damages.

The message they want you to go home with is that the case is closed.

The governor made himself the investigator, the jury, and the judge at the same time.

Make of this whatever you like, but I do not hail murderers or tolerate those who support murderers. I have no kind words for those who sympathize with murderers, or those who politicize human life.

All those that killed Deborah, all those who sat on the fence on her case, all those who had the power to make the perpetrators face the crime but did nothing, MAY THEY NEVER KNOW PEACE! AMEN!

Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr Kelvin Ugwu MSP is an influential Nigerian Catholic priest on a mission in The Gambia.

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