Atiku: The unifying pan


I am sure by now you already understand why Atiku deleted his tweet on Deborah’s murder. He does not consider the South for anything except to use and deceive them for his own advantage.

One of his biggest and most laughable deceptions was to tell the southern leaders that he will hand over to them after his tenure if elected. Imagine the way he said it; as if he is doing the South a favour. Someone who cannot even get the power for himself is already promising to give another the power. Laughable!

And because most of those Southern leaders are like Okoracha’s status, useless to the core. . .they believed him and were nodding their heads like Agama lizards. You remembered that Green cap man of Imo, the one we thought had sense, the one you people called Ihedioha, you remember him labeling Igbos who will not vote PDP as saboteur bah?

At least it is clear, especially from Atiku’s recent video. Atiku doesn’t believe the north or Nigeria needs a Yoruba or Igbo or TIV or Efik president. This is why, after 8 years of Buhari who is from the North, his conscience does not prick him that in a diverse country like Nigeria, the most effective way, if he really means to unify the country, is to allow another person from another region to be the president.

So, they sold the narrative of him being a unifier when in an actual sense he is the opposite. He calls himself a Pan Nigerian, but he is more of an ethnic bigot, a frying pan who is busy Uni-Frying the Southerners.

To even make it more obvious, Atiku recruited Reno, a southerner, and others to do the dirty work of playing the ethnic card. Reno’s job is to make sure everyone from the North hates those from the South… Especially any candidate coming from there.

I am sure our Northern brothers and sisters are seeing everything.

If it comes to development and growth and education, the North is down the ladder. It is not because the North cannot be above, but the Northern ‘elites’ are the problem. They reduce their fellow northerners to beggars because it serves their selfish purpose. They prey on their ignorance and poverty and use it for their gain at every election.

For example, if it is about tribes, this Buhari regime has northerners in almost every serious office in Nigeria, but it has not translated to wealth or security in the region.

Let us wake up, we do not want to vote based on tribe or religion, we want to vote based on competence.

One miracle worth acknowledging is that Atiku did not win the 2019 elections with Obi as his vice.

As a priest, my job is to point out all these to you because they are serious moral issues. It is left for you to use your head and do the needful/right thing.

Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr. Kelvin Ugwu
Fr Kelvin Ugwu MSP is an influential Nigerian Catholic priest on a mission in The Gambia.

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